Turned Parts

Rolar offers precision CNC turning of parts with extremely tight tolerances. We provide quality parts from prototype through production quantities. Utilizing industry standard CNC turning centers, our expert machinists produce parts quickly and competitively with the ability to turn aluminum, brass, pre-heat-treated, and other exotic materials. Most importantly, our team has the processes and ingrained quality behaviors that meet the challenge of quality control for complex parts. 

Our skilled employees are the key to our capabilities and our consistent quality. All manufacturers have equipment, but it takes experts to achieve the intended results. 

Quality & Certifications

Milled Parts

Our state-of-the-art mills and machining centers are meticulously maintained to keep the tightest tolerances and highest production rates. With flexible setups and automated tool changes, we minimize changeover times and keep our efficiency optimized. Although we manufacture your parts on state-of-the-art CNC equipment, the real magic of our efficient manufacturing process comes from our highly skilled, motivated, well-educated employees. We are fully 3D CAD/CAM capable to ensure the right details are captured and specifications exceeded. 

Rolar produces thousands of unique milled parts for multiple industries in industries from oil and gas to agriculture, as well as energy, industrial pumps, military, automotive, food and medical process equipment and heavy equipment. We welcome challenge.

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Gear Manufacturing

Gear manufacturing is a unique process requiring the right equipment and highly developed expertise. We produce your design after a thorough process analysis is complete. Our gear experts have decades of experience meeting specialized, exclusive, and custom gear needs. Rolar guarantees top quality, expertise, and precision with every gear produced.

We have decades of experience in all areas of gear production and design from turning the raw blank to hobbing, grinding, and heat treating. 

Quality & Certifications

Machined Cast Parts

While some manufacturers say “parts are parts,” we know machining parts, specifically castings, isn’t a job for just anyone. At Rolar, we believe proficiency requires commitment to constant process improvement, equipment evaluation, and investment. 

Rolar meets and overcomes today’s manufacturing challenges associated with machining through teamwork, expert analysis, and careful planning. Tight tolerances. Demanding geometries. Casting variations. All three of these present their own challenges. We are up to the task, with a long history of success.

We machine thousands of castings every year including aluminum, grey iron, stainless, and brass. 

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5 Axis and Multi Spindle 

Rolar now offers 5 Axis and Multi Spindle processing.  Our recent acquisition of these new capabilities allows us to process very complex parts in a single operation. Parts can be machined on all sides without secondary operations.  This saves our customers the inefficiency of multiple operations with a lower cost. 

We have a full range of multi-process Mazak machines featuring:

(2) 250 MYS mill turn and a Integrex 200 IIS for those large complex parts. 

We practice a one and done approach to help save you money on those complex parts.

Quality & Certifications

Engineering & Project Management 

Rolar provides project management and engineering to ensure your project launches smoothly and  your parts perform as designed. We support build-to-order as well as Kanban projects. We utilize RealTrac ERP, one of the most inventive Enterprise Management Planning systems available today, to ensure an on-time and to-scope delivery.

We go the extra mile to provide success at all levels.

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